Used BAADER services Bangladesh

Going the distance with used BAADER services Bangladesh

Our used BAADER services reached new markets last month. This time we travelled to Bangladesh to set up a BAADER 187 filleting machine and a BAADER 417 heading machine for a new factory near the capital Dhaka.


The trip to Bangladesh was a cooperative effort between Ivan “Køle” Madsen, Petur Larsen and other BAADER service engineers in our network. And it has been a welcome challenge setting up this factory, as the conditions have been quite dissimilar to our usual working conditions.


The new plant is located outside the capital Dhaka and our tasks were to set up a new processing line and to train the staff to run and maintain the machines.


Our main objective was to get the BAADER 187 fish filleting machine and the BAADER 417 heading machine set up and have them running smoothly.


Watch future staff members test the BAADER 417 heading machine

Not backing away from the challenge the future staff members we very interested in trying out the BAADER 417 heading machine for the first time. Watch the video HERE


Once the machines were up and running our next objective was to introduce the staff to the machines and train them to maintain and service them independently.


See a selction of pictures from the progress of setting up the plant

One distinctive aim of tasks of this kind is to document the processes. Both for internal documentation and also for our customer’s insights to our services.

See images of the plant, the staff and the machines HERE


Used BAADER services Bangladesh – a first


We at Petur Larsen will be delivering further sollutions for the plant and we are happy to be a part of this ongoing adventure.

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