Used BAADER machinery last forever

Did you know that your BAADER machine can last forever? BAADER machines are built using quality components. Petur Larsen dedication is to deliver the best quality of work on any used BAADER machinery.

The alliance of high-quality standards and the love and care Petur Larsen dedicates to any BAADER machine, will give your used BAADER machinery eternal life.
The only thing standing between eternal life and you is a service deal with Petur Larsen.


Watch the video to and learn how we operate on a daily basis.



Want the video in writing? Here is the transcript

Today we are visiting a customer that has A BAADER 184: A classic BAADER machine made in 1981. At Petur Larsen, we have to admit that the BAADER 184 is one of our favourite machines.


Atli Larsen, Chief Engineer at Petur Larsen
The machine is made for fish between 0,5kg and 2 kg. Whole fish with a head and without guts. The machine can be used with cod, cusk, haddock, ling and coal fish. All the most common kinds of demersal fish, the machine can handle.
The economic life of this machine is endless, you could say. It is only a matter of good maintenance because every single part can be exchanged or repaired.



With a machine like this running around the clock, there will be a time when some parts need repairing, which is why we are paying our customer a visit today.


Atli Larsen, Chief Engineer at Petur Larsen
There was a strange sound while the machine was running, which concerned them. After we had arrived, we found that the end bearing for the saddle conveyor belt are broken on one side. That means we have to take the machine apart.
Now, after we have we have dismantled the machine, we can see that the shaft has been damaged. So we have to bring it to our workshop for it to get repaired and then we will head back and install the repaired part, so the machine gets to work again.


At Petur Larsen, we offer maintenance deals with any used BAADER machine. Please, contact us if you would like to hear how we can help your machines stay healthy.


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