The usedbaader BAADER 51 skinning machine expained

The BAADER 51 Skinner is one of the true classics from BAADER. Even though it dates back to the 70’s, it still is a common sight on fish factories. The reason is purely due to the durable design and usage of high-quality components. The fact that BAADER machines that were made in the 70’s still run and can produce good results today are a testimony speaks for itself.

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Used BAADER machines properly maintained age beautifully and just keep on working when maintained properly.
Today we’ll talk about the BAADER 51 skinner.


Atli Larsen, Chief engineer.

The BAADER 51 is a skinning machine that was first produced in the late 70’s. I would say that it is the BAADER 51 skinning machine is one of the best there is. It skins whatever kind of fish you put through it. Of course, the seasons play a part in what kind of quality the fish has, which affects the performance of the BAADER 51. It isn’t ideal for soft haddock, but then again, no machine is good handling soft haddock. If we look at the BAADER 184, we see that the BAADER 51 is built in at the end of the 184. The advantage is that the fillets go directly from the filleting machine to the Skinner without having a person taking care of the BAADER 51.


The BAADER 51 is very easy to maintain. You need to keep an eye on the bearings once a year and perhaps change them. Other than that, if you make sure the bearings are okay, the machine is very cost effective in operation. It almost takes care of itself.



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