Used BAADER 189 – Classics never go out of style

If you ever visit our workshop in Fuglafjørður, you are bound to notice all the many used machines we are working hard on restoring. Let there be no doubt, we think highly of all BAADER machines. Every single machine is carefully crafted, focusing on quality and strength. Nevertheless, just like any parent who will tell you that they love all their kids equally, you have to admit that, usually, the chemistry just works better with a certain child. For us, the BAADER 189 machine is that child.


Buy a brand new machine from BAADER today, and you will be astonished by the advanced technology that lives inside these machines. A kind of technology only dreamt of back in 1971, when BAADER launched this machine with current cutting edge technology available then.


Used BAADER 189 is the King of the hill

Now, 44 years later, the BAADER 189 is still one of the most requested used machines on the market, and with good reason. Although the 189 can’t cope with modern BAADER machines regarding advanced technology, the BAADER 189 remains as a hard working machine that just keeps on delivering. As a matter of fact, the strengths of the 189 are found in its robust hardware and simple design.


“Anyone with basic engineering skills can do regular maintenance tasks on a BAADER 189, giving it significant advantage,” says Alti Larsen, the chief BAADER service engineer at Petur Larsen. He points out that the BAADER 189 is producing remarkable results even compared with today’s modern machines.


The last BAADER 189 rolled out of the factory in Lübeck, Germany in the early 80s, as other models replaced the machine. Even so, BAADER 189 is still in high demand and is truly a classic that refuses to go out of style.


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