Used BAADER 189 arriving in Kangaatsiaq

No wonder we are excited, because we truly are. During the last months we, at Petur Larsen, have done more work in Greenland, and we continue to do so.


Doing work in Greenland means a lot to us, because it was in this country everything started. Petur Larsen, the founder of the company bearing the same name, began his career in Greenland. Prior to establishing the company in 1972, Petur Larsen worked in Greenland as a machinist, mostly working on BAADER machines. The increased work we got in Greenland feels like going back to the roots of the company.


Greenland is a huge country

The size of Greenland is vast, and there are no roads between the villages and cities in Greenland.If you want to travel from one town to another, you have to go by sea or air. Recently Uni Nón, one of our BAADER engineers, helped install a fish factory in Kangaatsiaq, which is a small village on the west side of Greenland. All machinery arrived by ship, and the last shipment came after Uni Nón arrived in Kangaatsiaq.


Used BAADER 189 arriving in Kangaatsiaq

Luckily Uni had brought his camera, so he managed to take some wonderful pictures of a used BAADER 189 and the beautiful scenery in Greenland.


is hoisted ashore

The used BAADER 189 hoisted ashore


Used BAADER 189 is transported by a Forklift truck

A used BAADER 189 moved by a Forkclift truck


Talk to us about BAADER machinery

As always we would love to hear from you If you need help with BAADER machinery or to install a Fish factory.


Hjalti Lundsbjerg, our head of sales, would love to talk to you about how we can help you. You can reach Hjalti at

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