Proper BAADER renovation, the Petur Larsen way

Did you know that Petur Larsen delivers all completely renovated machines with a warranty? We offer this service because our BAADER Service Engineers make sure that every single part of an entirely refurbished machine is thoughtfully inspected and trimmed to completion.

Renovating a BAADER 189 filleting machine

Take, for instance, this BAADER 189 filleting machine, which did not look too good on arrival. Many parts were simply missing, and other were in poor condition. Nonetheless, the frame of this machine was still strong and in good shape, which was enough for the engineers at Petur Larsen to work with.

In order to do a total overhaul, the filleting machine has diligently been dismantled, and every single part is examined, replaced, or restored, depending on the condition of the item. Nothing escapes the critical eye of our BAADER Service Engineers.

Every single item is meticulously reviewed, and based on its condition, the piece will be renewed or replaced with a new component before the machine is carefully assembled. During this process, our BAADER Service Engineers satisfactorily perform all the necessary adjustments and settings to ensure that the filleting machine will be producing the best yield possible.

For the final assembly, our Chief BAADER Service Engineer, Atli Larsen, makes the last adjustments to secure that every single component fits in the BAADER 189 filleting machine flawlessly.Mediocrity is not a possible option at Petur Larsen.

Finally, the machine is completely assembled and ready for its concluding test. Although our BAADER Service engineers have invested great effort into compiling the machine – restoring and trimming all parts – the BAADER 189 filleting machine still lacks the finishing examination.

Customer oriented focus

All that matters to our customers when we deliver a fully-renovated BAADER filleting machine is that the machine produces beautifully cut fillets and provides the best available yield. For this concluding test, we have picked up some Cod, which our BAADER Service Engineers will use to identify any finishing adjustments before the filleting machine is handed our customer.

Choose us the next time you need a fully refurbished BAADER machine. Not only do you get a completely overhauled BAADER machine, but also a well-trimmed machine delivered with a warranty.

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