Petur Larsen helps sustainable fishinging

We all know that resources in our oceans are scarce, and we should try to make a real effort not to leave any food that is caught unused. However, good intentions will not do it alone since hard competition among other things doesn’t make it easy to use every bit of the caught fish. Due to this, it is common to throw out the parts of the fish that isn’t suitable as human food.


Therefore, the sight of heads, guts and bones being thrown back into the ocean is familiar. Nevertheless, this is about to change for the shipping company Framherji.


Everything bit of the fish is used

These days Benny and Jákup from Petur Larsen are working on changing all this. Until now a conveyor belt has carried all the parts that are not used from the fish from the factory and into the ocean. Now this is changed. The new setup has a grinder is placed at the end of the conveyor belt where everything that used to be brought back into the ocean now is poured into the grinder.


The advantage with the grinder is the ability to compress the content solving the storage problems that until now have been the primary reason for not keeping every part of the fish on board. With this new solution, the remainders are frozen into blocks and used for animal feed.


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We are very excited to be part of this process and happy about this improvement that Framherji has chosen to invest in their ships.


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