Glad Tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yes, we are already wrapping up 2015. It is incredible how fast this year has gone by. Because of your business, we have been exceptionally busy this year and have been faced with many new challenges. We are especially grateful for the new work openings we have got in Greenland. My father, the founder of Petur Larsen, began his career in Greenland, and this year, we returned to the place that made this company possible in the first place.


I would like to bring the attention to some of the new opportunities we experienced this year. The year 2015 was the year many fish factories — here in the Faroe Islands — chose us as a complete service provider for all their BAADER machinery. We also made a service agreement with Royal Greenland, delivering machinery and equipment to new fish factories, as well as servicing all their BAADER machinery. Moreover, finally, the sales of used BAADER machines made new heights this year.


All this has resulted in an increased demand for our BAADER service engineers we have not seen before. For the first time in many years, we have had three BAADER service engineers occupied most of the year. The forecast for 2016 looks even better, which is why we are hiring two more BAADER engineers. Furthermore, we are developing a training program for new aspiring talents to become BAADER service engineers to maintain the capacity and knowledge in our company.


As we are about to join our families in celebrating the holidays for the next coming days, we at Petur Larsen would like to use this moment to thank you for taking part in an enjoyable and productive year. We are thankful for all the great opportunities you have given us and the trust you have shown us.

We are looking forward to continuing the good relationship and wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and a successful, prosperous New Year.

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