Best Skinning Machine on the Market for White and Red Fish


Are you considering investing in a new skinning machine for your factory? Look no further. A used BAADER 51 skinning machine provides everything you need for a profitable, well-run production line. With its robust design and flexibility in production, this skinning machine will instantly improve the quality of your product. It is the best skinning machine on the market.

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Versatile and Compatible with BAADER 184

The main advantage that comes with buying a used BAADER 51 is the multitude of processing options it provides. When choosing your next skinning machine, consider the possibility that the BAADER 51 offers of combining your filleting machine with the skinner. This option reduces the number of people needed to work the production line. The skinner is built to fit in at the end of the BAADER 184 filleting machine. This way, the BAADER 51 skinning machine provides the cost-effective advantage of allowing the fillets to go directly from the filleting machine to the skinner.

BAADER_51_Skinning_machine_best_in_the_market.jpgThe BAADER 51 is an advanced machine that handles both modern deep skinning methods and traditional skinning methods. It can handle the delicate fillets softly, only removing the surface layer of the skin and leave the silver mirror surface undamaged. Or, when deep skinning is required, a seesaw blade can remove both the skin and the fatty layer adhering to the muscles. The transition between methods is simple, effortless and only takes a few minutes to adjust. Specially designed skin carrier rollers ensure that the fillets are treated with the utmost care, enabling you to deliver high yield, perfect fillets every time.

See the BAADER 184 in action

Maintaining the BAADER 51

If you want to ensure the long life of any skinning machine, it is critical to maintain and repair regularly. Maintenance can sometimes be an expensive and time-consuming task, but this is not the case when it comes to the BAADER 51. The skinning machine is very easy to maintain, as our chief BAADER service engineer, Atli, explains: “You need to keep an eye on the bearings once a year and perhaps change them. Other than that, if you make sure the bearings are okay, the machine is very cost effective in operation. It almost takes care of itself.”

If at any time you have questions about what skinning machine is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us. Here at PETUR LARSEN, we are eager to offer advice on your purchase of any used BAADER machinery and to provide flexible solutions to maintain and repair your machinery.


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