Best Filleting Machines on the Market for White Fish

A great filleting machine needs to be sturdy, flexible, incredibly easy to work with and maintain. It must also be able to handle a range of different fish sizes.

Getting a new machine secures you access to the latest technology and know-how. A BAADER 582 filleting machine is the machine to get when your budget allows it. Nevertheless, if you are on the lookout for a well-performing machine without breaking the bank, a used BAADER filleting machine is the way to go.

Our chief BAADER service engineer, Atli Larsen, guarantees that the BAADER 189 and 184 will instantly improve your upshot and consistently deliver a presentable and well-cut product.



The BAADER 189

This machine is the best filleting machine on the market when it comes to flexibility and durability.

“The Baader 189 is a machine that I consider to be the most flexible machine BAADER has ever made when we take into consideration that this is a mechanical machine using saddles. It is an old-school machine, so to speak, using curves and chains to control the machine. This machine has no computer or advanced sensors to control it. The BAADER 189 is so flexible that it can handle fish from 1 kg to 5 kg without a hitch”, says Atli.

He recommends a combination of the BAADER 189 and the BAADER 184 as the perfect solution if you want to be able to process a broad range of sizes.

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The BAADER 184

This filleting machine is one of the best machines available if you need to cut small fish between 0,6 kg to 2,2 kg into fillets.

“The machine is built so that it cuts the back and belly first. Then the machine scrapes the fillet, and finally, cuts it loose from the fishtail. It makes it possible to lay down the fillet on the conveyor belt so that it isn’t necessary to have a person to steer the fillet into the skinner. Only one person needs to operate the machine”, says Atli.

The BAADER 184 fillets and automatically skins cod, saithe, haddock and other white fish of similar bone structure. “The upshot on this machine is indeed first class. In this respect,” Atli says, “it is the best machine you can get regarding saddle run machines.”

If you need help finding the right filleting machines for your factory, please give us a call or send us an email.

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Hygiene and clean operations are vital for a smooth running production line. Both the BAADER 184 and 189 have very simple cleaning requirements. The use of drinking water and cleaning foam is all you need for the daily washing and sanitation. The design of the machinery makes the task of cleaning them an easy one. For example, in the BAADER 184, the upper bone guide and the severing knife fold up to facilitate cleaning and operation.

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The BAADER 184 is one of our engineers’ favourite machines.

“The economic life of this machine is endless, you could say. It is only a matter of good maintenance because every single part can be replaced or repaired.” says chief BAADER service engineer, Atli, enthusiastically.

With a machine like this running around the clock, there will be times where some parts need repairing. If you want your machinery to keep delivering with maximum results, your machinery requires regular maintenance. You will need to check all the settings, make the necessary recalibration and make sure all bearings and such are working correctly. You need to look at the inside of the machine and check that all parts are functioning. There are a lot of synchronisations to adjust so the machine can do a perfect filleting job.

Here at Petur Larsen we would love to maintain your machine for you. We offer flexible solutions that fit into your busy schedule. We offer maintenance deals with any used BAADER machine. Please contact us if you would like to hear how we can help your machines stay healthy.

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