BAADER machinery maintained when it suits you

Let us keep your BAADER machinery fit, so you can focus what is important: Getting the most out of your fish products.


The BAADER machinery on your vessel has only one goal: Deliver the highest outcome at the fastest speed every single time. This requires regular maintenance of the machinery, which can be difficult to practice when your vessel most of the time is out at sea.


Therefore, we offer your BAADER machinery service checks when your ship is in port. We will adjust our schedule to fit yours. Watch the video and learn about how we work on a daily basis.


Need the video in writing? Here is the transcript.


Most fishing vessels are on a tight schedule when in port, leaving little time for any maintenance work. At Petur Larsen, we offer flexible maintenance deals to vessels providing our service when the ship is in port. Today, however, we are doing the service check while the ship is hauled up on the slipway for repairs.


Atli Larsen, Chief engineer

Right now, I am working on a filleting machine on board a factory trawler. It is a BAADER 190; a machine made for vessels. The machine is very efficient but doesn’t deliver the best upshot. Nevertheless, that reduces the amount of people removing bones from the fillet afterward.



It has been a while since this machine had its last maintenance check which leaves Atli with much work to do.


Atli Larsen, Chief engineer

On this machine, I am checking all the settings. I will be doing the necessary recalibrations and make sure all bearings and such are working perfectly for the next fishing trip.

These are the kinds of services we offer. Often we have an arrangement with the vessel prior to arriving in port, so we are fully prepared ahead.



Contact us if you want your machinery keep delivering with maximum result. We offer flexible solutions that fit into your busy schedule.

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