BAADER 189 filleting machine explained

The BAADER 189 filleting machine is unbeaten when it comes to flexibility and durability. The machine can handle a large variety of fish sizes, and since the machine is a purely mechanical machine, you don’t need to worry about computers, sensors and highly sensitive parts. This machine is durable and a machine you can expect just to work as long as you remember to do maintenance work on a regular basis. Watch the video and listen to what our BAADER expert, Atli Larsen has to say about this machine.


Video Transcript

Used BAADER machines properly maintained age beautifully and just keep on working when maintained properly.
Today we will speak about the BAADER 189 filleting machine


Atli Larsen, Chief Engineer
BAADER 189, It is a machine that I consider being the most flexible machine It is an old school machine, so to speak, using curves and chains to control the machine. This machine has no computer and advanced sensors to control it. The BAADER 189 is so flexible that it can handle fish from 1 kg to 5 kg without a hitch. But of course, the small fish will not have a great upshot if you also use it for a larger size as the machine will be adjusted to the bigger fish. It is a mechanical machine, so the machine can not automatically adjust for various sizes of fish. You could say that the machine isn’t delivering the best upshot with small size fish, but for that you have the BAADER 184. Maintaining the BAADER 189 is easy. You could say that everyone is capable of maintaining this machine. It is a great machine that is easy to maintain.


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