BAADER 184 filleting machine explained

The BAADER 184 filetting machine is one of the best machines you can get if you need small fish between 0,6 kg to 2,2 kg cut into fillets. It runs smoothly and only needs one person to operate the machine.


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Used BAADER machines properly maintained age beautifully and just keep on working when maintained properly.
Today we will speak about the BAADER 184 filleting machine


Alti Larsen, Chief BAADER engineer

The BAADER 184 is a machine built to handle fish smaller size fish. We are talking about fish between 0.6 kg to approximately 2,2 kg, of course depending on what kind of fish it is.
Furthermore, the machine is built so it cuts the back and belly first and then the machine scrapes the fillet and cuts it loose from the fishtail.
This makes it possible to lay down the fillet on the conveyor belt so it isn’t necessary to have a person to steer the fillet into the Skinner. Only one person needs to operate the machine.
The BAADER 184 is a machine easy to maintain. As with any machine it needs regular maintaining. You need to look inside the machine and check all parts are functioning. There are a lot of synchronization to adjust so the machine can do a perfect filleting job. In other words, it is a really great machine that runs smoothly. The upshot on this machine is indeed good. In this respect, it is the best machines you can get regarding saddle run machines.



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